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  • Youm-e-Shuhada - Pride and Confidence

    Pakistan / Youm-e-Shuhada - Pride and Confidence

    The strategy of unity in fortitude, and in standing courageously behind a friend in need is ever-lasting, while the unity via occupation and force is a weak façade bound to drop down in time.

  • Dissecting the Two Nation Theory

    Pakistan / Dissecting the Two Nation Theory

    This religion brings the most dynamic message, the message for man to face God by the face, without intercession, it joins the strings of man’s soul with the strings that go through the vastness of the universe

  • The Baluch and Hazara Issue

    Pakistan / The Baluch and Hazara Issue

    This is a research-based essay, combining the historic and political account of the Baluch and Hazara people with the ethical question of how ethnicities value in the bigger picture of nationhood.

  • Was Quaid e Azam a Secular?

    Pakistan / Was Quaid e Azam a Secular?

    But perhaps it is more interesting to ask wherefrom the idea of the Quaid being a secular originated in the first place? Some would think this to be a creation of the liberal mindset that evolved later in the country – but a geopolitical analysis shows a possible broader base!