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  • PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    Pakistan / PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    We must note that Imran Khan’s slogan, ‘Justice; Humanity; Self-esteem’, is in itself a slight shift from the Quaid’s ‘Unity; Faith; Discipline’; wherein Faith seems to have been taken out again from the forefront.

  • Domestic Violence Bill Pakistan

    Pakistan / Domestic Violence Bill Pakistan

    There is no protection, in the bill, for the male members of the family, who might not be dependent but in innumerous cases are subject to psychological abuse from their sexual counterparts on gender bases.

  • Espionage and America

    Terrorism / Espionage and America

    If espionage is done to destabilize the other country; to secure one’s political/economic interests over the others; or to satisfy savage imperial desires, it has absolutely no moral standing.