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  • Satan in the Quran

    Belief / Satan in the Quran

    The Quran tell us how Satan is our eternal enemy and constant predator on Earth, and that we will not be able to defeat this invisible enemy with the help and guidance of Allah and the Quran, who are much mightier than his ignoble existence. This essay will make a comprehensive journey through the Quran to help us all prepare against this diabolic force with success (inshaAllah).

  • The End is Nigh

    Belief / The End is Nigh

    However much we try to consolidate these pieces, to try to make a full picture in our mind, the picture cannot be a perfect concurrence.

  • Dissecting the Two Nation Theory

    Pakistan / Dissecting the Two Nation Theory

    This religion brings the most dynamic message, the message for man to face God by the face, without intercession, it joins the strings of man’s soul with the strings that go through the vastness of the universe