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  • 10 Years after Mumbai Attacks

    Asia/Pacific / 10 Years after Mumbai Attacks

    In the aftermaths of the Mumbai attacks, India had vowed to overhaul its maritime security policy and promised the safety of its coasts. Today, India poses to be a regional contender of the Indian Ocean, yet as the General was rightly concerned, the Indian Navy has failed its coastal security.

  • RSS / BJP Extremism

    Asia/Pacific / RSS / BJP Extremism

    Is the BJP headed towards political hegemony? With the coming 2019 elections and the growing ideology of Hindu dominance, its looks like India is bidding goodbye to its secular image.

  • Assam Kills on Modi's Provocation

    India / Assam Kills on Modi's Provocation

    As if Modi’s thirst for blood has not yet quenched, another reiteration has come, ‘You are concerned about infiltrators and not your own people … they must go back, they are robbing the youths of India of their livelihood’.