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  • Bangladesh Hangs 1971 Accused Mollah

    Asia/Pacific / Bangladesh Hangs 1971 Accused Mollah

    Moreover the Pak Army had already had a hard and impossible job of securing the borders with India, when they themselves were linearly deployed along the borders with little or no strategic depth.

  • NGO's - the Guise

    Global Phenomenon / NGO's - the Guise

    More presence and more connection are the tool for change; change can be a word, an idea, an inclination that could churn the wheels of produce to channels that deliver back to the donor’s end.

  • India Shining or Flickering

    Economy / India Shining or Flickering

    India faces the typical 3rd world dilemma; it has massive induced liquidity but lacks the will or courage or ability to convert that money into a self-sufficient, healthy and robust economy, all it does with its money is non-development expenditures, at the best.

  • Burma - Silence Over Muslim Genocide

    Asia/Pacific / Burma - Silence Over Muslim Genocide

    The major uprisings against the Muslims in 1930, 1938, 1997, 2001 and now in 2012 have witnessed major human rights violations and among other Muslim of Burma, have left thousands upon thousands of Rohingya massacred.