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  • Democracy and the Electoral Process

    Ideology / Democracy and the Electoral Process

    It is a pity that on the one side, we claim to be scientific and logical in our approach, but on the other hand, we are expected to blindly believe in the electoral process without scrutiny.

  •  PML-N - 2013 Manifesto (Conserving Apathy)

    Pakistan / PML-N - 2013 Manifesto (Conserving Apathy)

    Does it vow to conserve the Islamic ideals upon which the Muslim League of 1947 pledged its members before having them inducted in the party, or does it vow to conserve the status-quo, whatever it is?

  • The Baluch and Hazara Issue

    Pakistan / The Baluch and Hazara Issue

    This is a research-based essay, combining the historic and political account of the Baluch and Hazara people with the ethical question of how ethnicities value in the bigger picture of nationhood.

  • NGO's - the Guise

    Global Phenomenon / NGO's - the Guise

    More presence and more connection are the tool for change; change can be a word, an idea, an inclination that could churn the wheels of produce to channels that deliver back to the donor’s end.

  • The Silent Majority

    Global Phenomenon / The Silent Majority

    This silence of the majority, and their acceptance of remaining the permanent, disassociate listener, create this unique ethos of our modern era...