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  • How to End Insurgency in Kashmir

    Kashmir / How to End Insurgency in Kashmir

    Indian failure to confront the issue of insurgency in Kashmir has eventually aggravated the issue, making what might be called an insurgency in 1947 into a freedom movement, more deep rooted in the hearts and minds of the people of Kashmir with every passing year and decade.

  • PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    Pakistan / PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    We must note that Imran Khan’s slogan, ‘Justice; Humanity; Self-esteem’, is in itself a slight shift from the Quaid’s ‘Unity; Faith; Discipline’; wherein Faith seems to have been taken out again from the forefront.

  • Somalia - Recipe of a Terrorist State

    Africa / Somalia - Recipe of a Terrorist State

    After the 1993 Black Hawk Down issue, Osama Bin Laden claimed it to be ‘a victory for Somali Muslims’. At this time Wadi' al-Haj, an American of Lebanese descent, was sent to set up al-Qa'ida's Kenyan base, he established an NGO, ‘Help Africa People’...

  • Pacific Rim Politics

    Asia/Pacific / Pacific Rim Politics

    Strategic maneuvers of China, US and Russia are shaping the foreign policy of each Pacific Rim state.