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  • Drive for Secularism

    Ideology / Drive for Secularism

    The once secure family structure of the educated class, that was embedded with love, sacrifice, respect, where the individual could subjectively connect to the whole, feel the strength of unity, do good for the sake of good and depend upon God as the ultimate returner of all deeds, is now slowly but effectively eroding away.

  •  PML-N - 2013 Manifesto (Conserving Apathy)

    Pakistan / PML-N - 2013 Manifesto (Conserving Apathy)

    Does it vow to conserve the Islamic ideals upon which the Muslim League of 1947 pledged its members before having them inducted in the party, or does it vow to conserve the status-quo, whatever it is?

  • PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    Pakistan / PTI-Manifesto - 2013

    We must note that Imran Khan’s slogan, ‘Justice; Humanity; Self-esteem’, is in itself a slight shift from the Quaid’s ‘Unity; Faith; Discipline’; wherein Faith seems to have been taken out again from the forefront.

  • The Liberal/Secular Iqbal

    Pakistan / The Liberal/Secular Iqbal

    Iqbal views religion as a living thing evolving with humanity’s own experiences, changing its structure from time to time, keeping the soul permanent and intact.