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  • Seychelles - Maritime Successes & Challenges

    Africa / Seychelles - Maritime Successes & Challenges

    Colonized only in the 1700s, this isolation makes the archipelago completely dependent on the ocean for its economic survival and on its scenic beaches to attract travelers towards it. Yet the tiny state has set an exemplary maritime culture and economic model that has recently moved Seychelles into the ‘high-income group’ states list of the World Bank.

  • First Cause, Knowledge & Infinity

    Philosophy / First Cause, Knowledge & Infinity

    Human thought is capable of conceptualizing an idea that is larger than anything in its immediate experience - is this conceptualization based on profound truth or on stray figments of unguided reflexes caused by slight misappropriations of the hormonal jets.

  • My God of Gaps

    Philosophy / My God of Gaps

    Is the objective mind not asking us here, to think of two things that are extremely impossible in its own diction, as to be rather easy possibilities in this specific case – ‘spontaneity’ and ‘order from chaos’?

  • The Universe in the Quran

    Belief / The Universe in the Quran

    The plain truth is that astronomy and physics are beggarly in term of observable facts about our immense space and the spectacular phenomenon inhibited in it. These sciences use more of thought-experiments, speculations and extrapolation to satiate the coaxing urge of answering queries such as ‘how the Universe came into being’, which as yet science is too young to answer.