Global Thought & Awareness Broadcast

About Us.


Global Thought and Awareness Broadcast is a multidimensional media outlet that aims to build public awareness and address dire issues around the globe in such ways as to provide basis for alternate policy.


Global Thought and Awareness Broadcast or or simply GTAB is a component of the Global Thought and Awareness Center or GTAC, which will be a Pakistan-based think-tank aiming to gather acumen from all over for finding solutions to problems faced by humanity throughout the globe.


Being Pakistan-based helps us to bridge the void between reality and rhetoric on national, regional and international level – as Pakistan shares a vital significance in geopolitics. We also have a prerogative to address issues that surround the Muslim world and thus we also aim to break the wall of hatred between major religious communities of the world in ways that the inherent pride of each community is safeguarded.


GTAB benefits from ‘The Sophist’ for its software and multimedia solutions. We also need the support and encouragement of the community so that we can achieve the towering goals we have set for ourselves and humanity.


Support us, join us, be part of the GTAB family.