Global Thought & Awareness Broadcast




The 20th century has dawned upon mankind with many promises – progress – knowledge – and fulfillment. The database upon which our thought develops its web of awareness has become intensive, distances have shortened and the ways we relate to each other have become intricate. The flood of information has overwhelmed humanity, yet each of us yearns for knowing the truth that lays behind the apparent. The questions of, what real progress and happiness mean and are they achievable have been quashed beneath the weight of the self-righteousness of modernity. Is real progress only green, is real knowledge only wholesome and is real happiness only subjective – these are questions put outside the perimeters of the curriculum of the thought.


At GTAB we endeavor to put human awareness into perspective - by collecting scraps of information from every here and there – and trying to find the true picture of the plight that humanity is going through and trying to invoke from inside our viewers the way forward.


GTAB is meant to be a home place for the common people, who are neither conservative nor liberal, neither leftist nor rightist, but who are ready to take life with a fresh, new prospective. Those who believe in the goodness of humanity and are not afraid to scrutinize and address the faults that have exhausted the earth and the earth-dwellers alike. Those who believe that eventually we are all connected and responsible for each other.


GTAB addresses the political phenomenon that shapes global events with both historical and contemporary outlook. The necessity of our time is not only that more and more individuals of the global-village should be politically aware, but also equally necessary is that this awareness should not be manufactured for set outcomes - the whole picture and not the sequestered one is our goal.


Along with the real-time event-mapping, GTAB strives to address also the social and subjective imperatives – an internal illumination without which the external world alone will cease to ever bring the fulfillment we urge for.


Based in Pakistan, GTAB seeks to be a defender of the integrity and the ideological and physical assets of the country and its people. Connecting the people of Pakistan with the Globe and enabling the global community to hear out the true voice of the real Pakistan will be our virtue.


In short, GTAB stands for:

  1. Breaking the mental barriers that enclose humanity into status co thinking.
  2. Coupling awareness with the moral question every time, so that human thought is driven towards the positivity that yield true fulfillment.
  3. Imparting maximum value to our viewers in the least of his/her valuable time – a value that is both constructive and conclusive.
  4. Approaching each story from its historical and global perspective, presenting all related schools thought.
  5. Opening our viewer to the bigger picture in terms of Geo-politics, Sociology, Economics and more aspects of human interest.
  6. Reliving religion and philosophy so that the spiritual basis is strengthened and reconstructed all the time.


Global Thought and Awareness Broadcast will be an international channel for promotion of Unity and Peace. At GTAB we give documentaries, exclusive articles, Polls, Q&A`s on the most pressing issues of the world. GTAB aims to be a place where intellectuals from all around the globe will come to share their wisdom and knowledge to promote a positive air for humanity.


Support us, join us, be part of the GTAB family.